Kotobuki & Co., Ltd. respects the privacy rights and related information of customers and suppliers. When we request information, the purpose will be made clear and will meet legal guidelines. We will take appropriate precautions to administer and protect such information received.

1. Use

Information collected for business implementation purposes with a customer shall be limited in use for product introductions, various business promotions, meetings, discussions, proposals, contracts, or to fulfill legal requirements.

2. Sharing with Third Parties

We will not share private information with any third party without your consent.

3. Disclosure, Editing, or Deletion of Private Information

When we receive your request to release, update, or to delete your private information, we will first confirm that the requestor is the actual owner of the information.

4. Safekeeping of Private Information

Private information collected by us will be appropriately protected from unauthorized access, through our most responsible and best efforts.