In 2017, Kotobuki has reached 50 years since founding, and is taking a new start with the slogan “Start Writing”, aiming to catapult writing instruments to a new level of evolution.


Since our founding, we have been the writing instrument OEM/ODM, listening sincerely to our customer’s voice, and providing highly functional products with high quality. Noteworthy in mechanical pencils is that we were the first in the industry to introduce the “cushion mechanism” to prevent lead breakage, and followed further with our tip-slide mechanism and many other industry-first, advanced technical innovations.Going beyond mechanical pencils, we produce “multi function” products that combines mechanical pencil with ballpoint pen(s), as well as quick dry gel ink products that functionally excel. In developing and providing products that our customers desire and appreciate, we have grown and built our renowned position as the leading OEM/ODM in the global stationery industry.


Our writing instruments, under the trust of our customer’s brands, is in popular use not only in Japan, but in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and other locations.

We shall continue our tradition of creating evolutionary innovations in advanced and highly functional, high quality products that will pleasantly surprise and be welcomed by our customers. “Start Writing.”