I am Hiroshi Yokoishi, the new CEO & President of Kotobuki, effective April 1, 2024. I would like to express my gratitude and look forward to working together

with the team and partners of Kotobuki with a long history and a rich tradition of over 60 years.

My mission is to transform Kotobuki into a growing organization with high adaptability to thrive in a constantly and rapidly changing world, while leveraging the technology and industry expertise it has cultivated since its founding. In pursuing this mission, I have the following resolutions:

  1. 1.    Promoting transparency and open communication
  2. Providing a transparent work environment where each employee can actively engage in open discussions to contribute their ideas. Boosting team collaboration and strengthening organizational capacity and growth through open communication.
  1. 2.    Promoting innovation and growth
  2. Leveraging the Kotobuki’s traditional values to incorporate new ideas and emerging technologies to strengthen our position as a leading company in the industry. Promote innovation, actively seek and develop new markets as well as business opportunities.
  1. 3.    Promote employee well-being and growth
  2. Prioritizing employee health and happiness by supporting their personal growth and work-life balance well-maintained. Promoting employee-friendly work environment by enriching our training and educational programs as well as employee benefits.

With these resolutions, I look forward to collaborating together with our team in shaping our future together. I would like to sincerely ask for your support and cooperation, for continued success of Kotobuki.

Hiroshi Yokoishi

CEO & President

Kotobuki & Co., Ltd.